Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Millenium Market..

Millenium Textile Market.. launched at the turn of the millenium aptly designed for 2000 Textile Shops. This site was originally the Transporters Godown, which were then shifted to the outskirts, to avoid heavy traffic congestion on Ring Road.
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ANSH said...

Do you take these pics around the date you post them? What I mean is, are these pics recent?

Its a good job you've done. And I must say, like me, a lot of 'Surtis' are soooo glad to see your blog. Keep up the fantastic work.

One little tip - I noticed some of the pics were a little blurry. Try using a tripod, or use the 'timer' feature while taking such pics. It reduces the blur. Hope it helps!


SURATfiRST said...

Hi Ansh, Yes all pics are posted as I take them, maybe with a few days backlog. Thanks for your compliments, and tip. I generally carry a slim cam as I move around town and take candid pics.